Another year another list of personal wins, losses, and lessons. Some of us like to see the turn of a new year as a reset button that magically appears in our lives, allowing for an abundance of new, healthy things to come. The reality is habits, (especially the bad ones), are terribly bothersome to kick; They’re habits after all, and just like we do with our cell phones, we should take time a couple times a year to re assess and restart ourselves.

I recently had a major life shift happen and I’ve been trying my hardest to break free from old habits. Some habits I even felt weren’t unhealthy, but after putting my cards on the table and writing a pros and cons list on myself, I finally accepted that perhaps they weren’t as positive as I thought they were. Things like choosing to stay in most nights in the name of “self -love,” when in reality it was a disguise for self-isolation, waking and baking too much instead of just taking one hit from the bowl and moving on, and dating people whose flaws I found comfort in instead of making time for those who were different than me, but more stable. 

Are you one to over book yourself until you burn out? Start saying no once a week until you’re comfortable and honest with yourself and those around you about how much time you need to recharge your batteries.  
Do you tend to overspend? Enroll in automatic transfers into your savings account.
There are so many solutions to some of the problems we all struggle with daily, so why not take some time to figure out what they are? The hardest part isn’t starting, it's identifying these issues within ourselves. You have the answers though, look inside of yourself instead of your phone for new pleasures... No more “New year new me,” I don’t think most folks subscribe to that type of traditional mindset anyway. Whether that’s a positive or negative thing reading this is up to you. I truly feel the major key in all this is to take the strengths you already contain and administer it to successfully make better habits. Give yourself lots of time and embrace this journey.
 I’ll leave you with this: be honest with yourself. In life, in love, and in habits. It’s the only way to make real, honest progress.